Our Factories

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located in Montague Gardens, Cape Town. Commissioned in 2003, the dry foods factory incorporates the most up to date international food production technology. It sets the benchmark for the manufacture of food ingredients on the African continent, and compares favourably with multi-national operations in terms of manufacturing standards, hygiene and food safety.

The newest edition to our manufacturing capabilities is the addition of a "wet" plant, for the manufacture of sauces and marinades. Well-loved brands such as Meisterclub, Grama's and the rugby range are all manufactured, bottled and packaged on site.

Toll Manufacturing

The Crown Food Group Factory provides customers with a custom processing, co-packing and toll manufacturing solution. We specialise in processing wet materials for the sauce and condiment industry.

Our Services May Include

  • Acquisition of raw materials
  • Reports for ISO certification requirements
  • Shipping and packing to the company
  • Packaging and labelling in the companies specified containers
  • Shipment to the end user

Benefits to Toll Manufacturing/Contract Manufacturing

  • No capital investment for large equipment
  • Safety regulations already in place
  • Fully trained staff of technicians
  • Certified in handling hazardous materials
  • Analysis test on every batch
  • Inventory of spare parts to keep production up and running
  • Pilot lab for trial batches
  • State of the art equipment


The Microsafe Food Safety Programme is our guarantee that products manufactured by our factories have been produced under the most hygienic conditions and in terms of the strictest food safety programme which conforms to world-class standards.

Our factories are also compliant with the manufacturing requirements of both Kosher and Halaal disciplines.

The vision of Microsafe® is for Crown Ingredient Solutions to be the preferred world class supplier of food ingredients, providing customer assurance through product safety, quality and legal Compliance.

Prerequisite Programmes

  • Supplier Quality Assurance - local & International supplier audits
  • Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Pest Prevention & control
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control - incoming shipments, pre-shipment samples, Certificates of Analysis
  • Lot Traceability
  • Waste Management & Safe Disposal
  • Training & Competency

Legal Compliance

  • National Food Regulations
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • New Labelling Regulations

Food Safety Control Measures

  • Microsafe® Steam Sterilisation
  • Microbiological Analysis - before and after sterilisation
  • Sieving & Sorting
  • Stereo Microscopy
  • Magnetic Metal Separation
  • Metal Detection
  • Allergen Control
  • Specialised Chemical Analysis/Screening - Adulterants: Sudan Red, Melamine. Contaminants: Aflatoxins, Pesticides

Our Certification Status

Bidfood Technologies (manufacturing arm of Bidvest Food SA) - ISO 22000 system certified.