Centres of Excellence

Crown Ingredient Solutions, through Crown Food Group currently has two Centres of Excellence, one at the Johannesburg branch and the newer of the two in Cape Town.

The Cape Town based centre, which was launched in 2012, includes a product design unit, pilot plant, sensory evaluation and training centre. Food scientists, microbiologists and food technologists provide customers with new product designs tailored to specific customer needs.

Out-of-this-world experience in Cape Town

The more recently established Centre of Design, Innovation & Technology in Cape Town can only be described as an "out-of-this-world", interactive, sensorial experience, stimulating the senses through visual, audio, tactile, taste and smell, and leaving an everlasting impression of the innovation and technology we provide.

It comprises various sections showcasing technical competence, offerings from international principals, an innovation database, a sensory evaluation pilot plant, processing capabilities and development expertise.

The ground floorhouses separate inter-leading, specialist pilot plant amenities for all food sectors, including, meat, convenience, sauces & condiments, dairy and beverages. There’s also an analytical laboratory for testing of rheology, viscometry and protein compositions that support the product development process.

Each is equipped with the latest pilot plant scale equipment that accurately emulates large-scale operations. Factory trials are conducted in simulated conditions at a fraction of the cost of full-scale operations.

Upstairs, the Theatre of Food Ingredients integrates a 100-seater auditorium and presentation space. Facilitating "info-tainment", it includes an interactive kitchen for demonstrations and training on preparation of home replacement meals.

The theatre is also used by various institutions and universities and customers as a facility for trade meetings, team building, presentations and trials.

Our international principals have welcomed this initiative as it not only serves as a base for their local activities but also emulates the work they conduct in their own facilities.

Principals can be linked to the Centre via video conferencing facilities and to all trading branches, offering ongoing audio-visual support in the form of lectures, demonstrations, training, interactive workshops, meetings and general communication.

Established in Cape Town, it offers close proximity to the product development centres of the major supermarket chains as well as many of the blue-chip companies.