Fruit Applications

Our broad assortment of stabilisers ensure the preferred texture, great flavour release and high stability in fruit application, whether those include high - or low - sugar fruit spreads (jams), bakery fillings, yoghurt fruit preparations or fruit sauces.

These ingredients can also provide greater flow control and improved pumping properties to increase processing efficiency.

Our product offering and technical know- how covers the following application areas:

Fruit sauces, syrups & variegates (non chocolate)

Functionality Product Portfolio
Viscosity, storage stability, freezing behaviour, pourability, sheen, cling Corn syrup solids, functional systems, locust bean gum, maltodextrin, pectin, starch xanthan

Fruit preparations

Functionality Product Portfolio
Suspension, spreadability, pumpability, stabilisation, viscosity, sheen, white mass reactivity Carrageenan, corn syrup solids, functional systems, locust bean gum, pectin, starch

Jams & jellies, preserves & fruit spreads

Functionality Product Portfolio
Gelation, texture, suspension Locust bean gum, pectin

Bakery fillings

Functionality Product Portfolio
Thermal stability, texture, viscosity, gelation, depositabilty, extrudable, sheen Corn syrup solids, locust bean gum, pectin, starch, xanthan

Powder mix for jams & fruit spreads

Functionality Product Portfolio
Dispersibility, viscosity, thermal stability, extrudable, depositability Alginate, carrageenan, pectin, starch

Fruit glazes

Functionality Product Portfolio
Thermal reversibility, controlled gelation, sheen, freeze/thaw stability, adhesion, clarity, shelf-stability, sheer thinning Alginate, pectin, xanthan


Functionality Product Portfolio
Texture, storage stability, viscosity, sheen Functional systems, maltodextrin, pectin