For almost 30 years we have established an outstanding reputation in providing the right solution for your dessert indulgence.

Flans, puddings, mousses ,whips, ice cream or ice lollies, almost half of South Africa's favourite desserts contain our ingredients to obtain desired sensory properties and stability through shelf-life.

We have braved the challenges of the frozen desserts industry, including today's demands for reduced sugar and fat formulations. Our solutions include increasing overrun, stable air incorporation, texturising, melting properties and heat-shock tolerance . We offer application - specific solutions for all desserts. By careful monitoring of interactions between ingredients we are able to help you produce desserts with texture, shape, shelf life, quality and price.

Our product offering and technical know- how covers the following application areas:

Flans and puddings

Functionality Product Portfolio
High quality Whipped Desserts, slightly gelled gelatine-like texture, reduce the risk of syneresis, improved mouthfeel, improved body and stability, good stability even at elevated room temperatures, freeze/thaw stability Carrageenan, gums, whipping agents, modified starch, LM pectin, thixotropic stabiliser system

De-mouldable desserts

Functionality Product Portfolio
Texture and consistency, reduce risk of syneresis, improved mouthfeel and flavour release Modified starch, carrageenan, functional blends

Multi layered desserts

Functionality Product Portfolio
Thick and creamy dessert-base, varied texture and eating impression, Flavoured or non-flavoured layers, mousse or softly set dessert-layers Modified starch, carrageenan

Whipped and aerated desserts

Functionality Product Portfolio
gelatine free aerated desserts, elastic textures, foam formation, fermentation in milk products Carrageenan, gums, whipping agents, modified starch, LM pectins

Water desserts (RTC Desserts)

Functionality Product Portfolio
Reduced syneresis, clearness and transparency, enhanced flavour release, increased heat stability and shelf life, prevent desert from melting-down at room temperature even in hot climates. Create a dessert with a soft, elastic and gelatin- like texture, with low syneresis Carrageenan, gums, functional blends

Ice Cream

Soft Serve, hard ice cream, sorbets

Functionality Product Portfolio
Extrudability, meltdown delay, texture, ice crystal growth reduction, shrinkage limitation, overrun, smoothness improved shelf life Alginates, carrageenans, cellulose, galactomannans, guar gum, locust bean gum, lecithins, maltodextrins, mono-/di-glycerides, pectins, polysorbate, soy proteins, starches, sucroesters, xanthan