Dairy products are rich in valuable proteins that many consumers want in their diet. Proteins tend to separate from acidic solutions like yoghurt-based beverages, smoothies, acidified milk drinks or milk and fruit juice blends, causing unappealing lumps and sedimentation. A wide variety of solutions is available including Hydrocolloids, Starched, Proteins, Cultures, Emulsifiers and Flavourings.

Some products incorporate limited dairy components but mimic similar dairy products. These include soy milk, recombined milk, non-dairy creamers, and imitation cheese, and can be novel, cost effective or provide dairy equivalents where cow's milk is not available.

Our product offering and technical know- how covers the following application areas:


Hard, soft, semi-hard cheese

Functionality Product Portfolio
Flavour development, ingredient cost control, fermentation, enhance texture and appearance, final moisture levels, increase yield, reduce dairy solids, fat reduction, moisture binding, viscosity, melt control, firmness, release/flow agents Alginates; carrageenans, enzymes; coagulants & acidifiers; functional systems; lecithins; locust bean gum; pectin; starches; xanthan gum

Fermented Products

Stirred yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, set yoghurts, sour cream, soft cheeses, amazi

Functionality Product Portfolio
Fermentation, flavour development, improved texture, ingredient cost control, protein stabalisation, viscofier, smoothness, appearance, syneresis control, fat & calorie reduction, enhanced nutrition, natural & organic stabilisers Carrageenans; functional systems; locust bean gum; pectin; starches; xanthan gum

Dairy beverages

Cream, flavoured milks, milk

Functionality Product Portfolio
Freeze/thaw stability, syneresis control, texture, smoothness, viscofier, acidification, antifoam, flavour enhancement, natural and organic stabilisers Alginates; carrageenans; coagulants & acidifiers; enzymes; functional systems; locust bean gum; pectin; starches; xanthan gum

Ice Cream

Soft Serve, hard ice cream, sorbets

Functionality Product Portfolio
Extrudability, meltdown delay, texture, ice crystal growth reduction, shrinkage limitation, overrun, smoothness improved shelf life Alginates, carrageenans, cellulose, galactomannans, guar gum, locust bean gum, lecithins, maltodextrins, mono-/di-glycerides, pectins, soy proteins, starches, sucroesters, xanthan

Dairy desserts

Pourable milk desserts, demouldable milk desserts, aerated milk desserts

Functionality Product Portfolio
Ingredients cost control, consistency, mouth feel, thickening, gelation, aeration, overrun, homogeneity, appearance, smoothness, thermal stability, flavour, syneresis control, fat reduction & replacement, organic and natural stabilisers Alginates; carrageenans; functional systems; lecithin; locust bean gum; maltodextrins; pectin; starches; xanthan gum

Dairy dips & sauces

Functionality Product Portfolio
Flavour enhancement, ingredient cost control, freeze/thaw stability, syneresis control, texture, acidification, viscosifier, smoothness, protein reduction, fat & calorie reduction, organic and natural stabilisers alginates; carrageenans; enzymes; coagulants & acidifiers; functional systems; locust bean gum; maltodextrins; pectin; starches; xanthan gum