Sweets, chocolates, lolly pops and marshmallows- treats have long been a driving force in the market - with exotic flavours and origins bringing further glamour and interest to premium products.

Confectionery includes a broad range of items, where the common thread is the high content or perceived content of sugar. It is possible, however, to manufacture confectionery in line with new health and wellbeing trends, where, for example, confectionery is seen as an indulgence, a wellness claim can engender freedom from guilt and even encourage consumption.

We provide all around support for confectioners in developing chocolate, bars, gums, jellies and fillings with new textures, longer shelf life and processing advantages.

Our product offering and technical know- how covers the following application areas:

Fruit snacks & jelly candies

Functionality Product Portfolio
Texture, stability, mouthfeel, coating Carrageenan, functional systems, pectin, starch

Jelly beans

Functionality Product Portfolio
Firmness, cohesiveness, elasticity, reduce stickiness Carrageenan, pectin, starch

Marshmallows & aerated confections

Functionality Product Portfolio
Texture, air-cell stability Maltodextrin, pectin, starch, Vitex blends

Toffee, caramel & nougats including chewy candy

Functionality Product Portfolio
Texture, stability, mouthfeel, emulsification, anti-sticking Lecithin, maltodextrin, pectin, starch

Chocolate fillings, sauces & syrups

Functionality Product Portfolio
Texture, viscosity, stability Corn syrup solids, maltodextrin, pectin, starch, xanthan

Fudge, fondants & creams

Functionality Product Portfolio
Cohesiveness, handling ease, emulsification, fat retention, release improvement Lecithin, maltodextrin

Chocolate & chocolate confectionery

Functionality Product Portfolio
Viscosity, creaminess, flexibility Lecithin

Hard candy

Functionality Product Portfolio
Anti - sticking, release agent Functional systems, Lecithin

Compound coatings

Functionality Product Portfolio
Improved gloss, shelf stability Lecithin

Cake decorations

Functionality Product Portfolio
Texture, stability, fast set Functional systems, maltodextrin, pectin, starch

Candy fillings

Functionality Product Portfolio
Texture, stability, emulsification Lecithin, maltodextrin, pectin, soy flour, soy grits, starch


Functionality Product Portfolio
Texture, stability, mouthfeel Starch

Chewing & bubble gum

Functionality Product Portfolio
Machinability, emulsification, stability Lecithin