Our Associates

As a leader in the food ingredients industry, our valued partnerships are critical to our customers' success across the globe. We work with leaders in science, technology, nutrition and food to bring the best quality products to the market.

BK Giulini

Worldwide recognized trademarks TARI®, CURAFOS®, FIBRISOL®, BRIFISOL®, PLASMAL®,  JOHA®, SOLVA® and BEKAPLUS® represent high-quality phosphate specialties, functional combination products, flavours, spices and seasonings. These are applied as chopping or brine additives, colour stabilizers, emulsifiers, maturing agents, taste improvers and for the retention of freshness.

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Cargill offers a wide range of solutions in a variety of food categories including bakery, beverages, confectionery, convenience foods, dairy, fruit, infant and baby food, meat, snacks and cereals. As a partner we have access to some of Cargill’s most advanced research and development with a keen focus on their Texturizing, Sweetener and Cocoa portfolios.

Native and modified food starches, Hydrocolloids and Lecithins are just some of the Texturising solutions that we offer in partnership with Cargill.

The Cocoa portfolio includes solutions for cocoa powders, chocolate coatings, cocoa butter and liquor.

Sweeteners are very high in demand. Here Cargill has an extensive portfolio, including corn and polyol solutions. Brands such as Zerose®, Maltidex®, Mannidex™, Isomaltidex® Sorbidex™ Truvia®, SweetDesign™ and Xtend® are all part of what we are able to offer customers.

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Chemital is committed to providing solutions to the meat industry through the manufacture and marketing of food ingredients and meat additives. Chemital provides solutions for processed, cooked, cured and fresh meat products through various solutions including texturising, additives such as phosphates, emulsifiers, flavour enhancers and gelling agents.

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Red Arrow

For over 50 years, Red Arrow has provided superior smoking, grilling and browning solutions to the processed meat industry. Products include bacon, salami, sausages, and hot dogs or processed deli luncheon meats.

The product offering extends to sauces, marinades and snacks as well as flavour and processing solutions for the broader food industry. The concentrated smoke condensates are used to safely and efficiently replace the traditional smoking process.

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Dr Suwelack

Dr Suwelack's invaluable know-how about extraction, fermentation, freeze-drying and spray-drying technologies make their products unique.  They offer a range of assorted dried yoghurt and speciality milk powders for the dairy, chocolate, confectionery, bakery and general foods industries which give the final product taste, a good mouth feeling and health benefit.

The CARAMILK® range of milk caramel powders have exciting features which captivates their intense and full-bodied caramel flavour. CARAMILK® blends easily into a broad range of food applications, lending the final product an unmistakable, pleasant caramel taste and fantastic colour.

SUGRANO® is the registered trademark for traditionally fermented and gently dried sourdough products by Dr Suwelack.
Dr Suwelack’s Freeze-dried coffee is used in various applications.

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Lucid Colloids

The Lucid Group are experts when it comes to natural, modified and derivatised hydrocolloids such as Guar, Tamarind and Cassia Gum blends, emulsifiers, food stabiliser systems and food additives.

The Lucid Group manufactures, markets and distributes natural, modified and derivatised hydrocolloids, gum blends and food stabiliser systems such as Edicol Guar Gum. Lucid today serves various industries such as Food, pet food, nutritional products and pharmaceuticals.

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EPI Ingredients

As a dairy innovation expert, EPI Ingredients master dairy raw materials and their transformation. The company has a wide range of products from basic ingredients such as milk powder, caseinates, whey powders, butter milk powder to the most specific of solutions such as fermented milk powder, butter powder, cream powder, and low or high fat milk replacers.

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FIT Foods

FIT's product development focus is twofold: a "salted" division and a "sweet" division. Their product selection covers all the needs of the food industry in the field of carriers and aromatic additives.

The combination of their integrated scientific approach and the careful selection of the raw materials guarantees the quality, originality and safety of their spice blends.

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Orientech Biochemical Development Co. Ltd

Orientech is a specialist in the supply of Xanthan Gum, Sodium Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), Polyanionic cellulose (PAC), Pectin, Curdlan Gum and Vanillin.

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Emsland Group

The Emsland Group is Germany's largest producer of potato starch and a global leader in the manufacture of refined starch products, fibres and potato flakes and granules.

Emsland offers a unique and creative product range, industry expertise and local service. Their product portfolio consists of:

• Potato starch and derivatives
• Potato fibres
• Potato flakes
• Potato granules
• Pea starch and derivatives
• Pea fibres and proteins
• Derivatives based on (waxy) corn, tapioca, wheat
• Other food ingredients, hydrocolloids and additives

Natural and neutral-tasting ingredients are ideal for a wide range of applications and can be used to optimise texture, appearance and firmness. In many cases the products are used as thickeners, binding agents, emulsifiers and stabilizing additives to create innovative food solutions.


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